How To Help Your Child With Sorting And Counting Before School Age

Number Toys

As children learn and grow, one of the most important skills they can ever acquire is that of numeracy and their ability to count. While there are many different abilities that will help them in their schooling, the process of being able to count and add up in their head is one that will impact nearly every area of their life.

Whether it comes to the use of money, measurements for cooking or just being able to engage with a range of different games and activities, you need to know your numbers with ease. For many children, it can seem that in the modern day it is less important to be good with numbers, given the access to calculators on our phones and computers to do our sums for us, but it is still of great benefit to have this skill for yourself.

With this in mind, there are various different number toys and activities you can employ to help your child with counting. Some of the toys and games that can help a child with their number skills include:

– An Abacus: This is a classic, but still effective. Many companies are now offering stylish abacus options, with different brightly coloured counters for each row, helping children to learn their numbers and colours in an exciting way. You could have an abacus on the child’s shelf as they learn the world around them, and then see it become a key counting tool as they increase in their capability to learn and play.

– Dominoes: Learning to play with numbers through games that involve dominoes and/or dice is a fantastic way for children to learn numbers. The fact that the number recognition and skill is involved directly with your ability to function in the game is a sure way to ensure that these are highly effective number toys.

– Shopping Games: Bringing a sense of learning and play into familiar family activities is an excellent way to help children connect an enjoyment for sorting and counting with their lives. How about bringing counting games into the unpacking of the family’s weekly shop?

How many eggs have we got? One, two, three, four, five, SIX!

How many apples are in the bag? One, two, three, four, FIVE!

Do we have more eggs or more apples? EGGS!

These types of games draw a child into connecting numeracy with their world and help the lessons to last.

We hope that these ideas have been helpful in giving you some options to bring sorting and counting skills into your child’s life. For more activities, have a think about other tasks around the house that have a number component to them and use them to help your child gain number skills and be more prepared for school and life.


How Does The Himalayan Balsam Tree Spread Its Seeds?

Himalayan Balsam

When looking at an overview of Himalayan balsam, it is worth knowing that Himalayan balsam is the largest annual species in the UK, which can grow up to 8 feet in a single season. It can spread quickly and cause many problems for the local ecosystem. It is originated from the foothills of the Indian and Pakistani Himalayas and can dominate native plants for resources, light, and space.

It is commonly found alongside streams, riverbanks or around lakes and ponds, in ditches, wet woodlands, and damp meadows. Himalayan balsam can tolerate low levels of light and also shade out other plants, thus slowly impoverishing the habitats and killing off other vegetation. Sometimes, it is seen in many gardens, either grown deliberately or uninvited, but care should be taken to make sure that it doesn’t escape into the wild.

How does the Himalayan Balsam tree spread its seeds?
On average, Himalayan balsam can produce up to 2500 seeds each plant. Those seeds will be explosively released from capsules during the distribution. The seeds will be viable for up to 1.5 years and are readily spread in water, by wind or human activities. In many cases, the seeds can be spread up to 23 feet from the mother plants. Many seeds can drop into the lake or pond and contaminate riverbanks downstream or land, but the explosive property of its seed release indicates that it would also spread upstream.

The aggressive dispersal of seed, along with the high production of nectarine that attracts pollinators, usually enables the Himalayan Balsam to outperform the native plants. Also, this species promotes the erosion around river bank areas because of its death in the winter, which leaves the bank uncovered from flooding. Invasive Himalayan balsam also has an adverse impact on indigenous plants by attracting pollinators like insects. Under the Weed Control Act, it is regarded as a “prohibited poisonous weed.”

The invasion of Himalayan balsam
The plant was first brought to the UK in 1839 at the same time as Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed. All of them were promoted as being herculean and splendidly invasive to rival the expensive growth of orchids in the greenhouses. However, within 10 years, Himalayan balsam started to spread along the ecosystem of England.

These days, it has appeared across almost all of the UK and many local wildlife trusts even organise some events to control it. However, such efforts might do more harm than good in some circumstances. Removing the riparian stands of the plant might open up more space for other aggressive invasive species like Japanese knotweed and help with seed spreading. Many studies also show that Himalayan balsam might expose allelopathy, which can excrete toxins and have an adverse effect on the neighbouring plants. As a result, it has a competitive advantage in the ecosystem, so when considering Himalayan balsam removal, make sure you look into all of the related impacts.

Which Woods are Used for Framing Canvas Art?

Choosing Wood for Framing Canvas Art

Are you ready to know which wood is used for framing Canvas Art? You should know that canvas is the most beautiful piece of space which holds the artistic imagination of an artist. A canvas which holds the beauty is mostly constructed with the wooden material. There is a plethora of artists across the globe who stands to think about which wood is used for framing canvas art. However, there are numerous gossips across the Internet which states about different woods being used across various regions depending upon the choice of the user.

Ideal woods for framing a Canvas Art:
The considerable and the ideal wood which is to be used while creating the canvas frame should stand to be stable. It must cater the capability to stand alone to bear the temperature and the humidity. It is also known worldwide that most of the picture frames are generally composed with basswood and it caters a decorative finish across its physic. The wood which is used for framing canvas art generally works with might and main to prove itself as a backbone of the canvas, with the right woodland canvas wall art able to add a great deal.

Preferable woods are mostly names as fir or pine or else another choice could be the oak wood. In general perspective, it is relevant to use any wood which is strong away from the moisture and has the capability to hold the best strength across the situation so temperature change. Any wood which is used to frame canvas art must be kept away from the chemicals which could eventually damage the wood. Some artists prefer painting the wooden structure with one coat of paint which they firmly believe to strength the wood for a longer period of time.

To answer the question of which wood is used for framing canvas art could be on the tougher side as it involves choices such as exotic wood which includes mahogany, ebony, and wood such as Purple Heart.

Choosing Wood for Framing Canvas Art:
There are different sizes of canvas art which is picked by the flamboyant artists which differ according to the choice of wood they prefer in lieu of their usages. Choosing a wood for framing a canvas art could be the choice of the artist but it also greatly impacts the lifeline of the canvas to hold the beauty described by its artist for a longer period of time. Art pieces are made with the imagination and the taste of beauty, however, keeping it for a decade or longer is priceless.

How to Make Physical Education Classes Interesting

Physical education classes

There are no shortcuts to becoming a teacher in all physical education. A good physical education teacher needs to do his own professional development to keep up with the times and learn new techniques to motivate his students. The five tips below are simple, but many PE teachers do not feel stressed on a daily basis.

  1. Be willing to acquire more knowledge: as a good physical education teacher, you want to learn new activities and games and incorporate them into your study plans. A teacher who is never satisfied with the acquisition of knowledge is a good teacher. As a good physical education teacher, you ought to never be content with teaching the similar skills repeatedly, year after year. You must investigate and find new games to introduce in your class. By introducing new games, this will not only allow students to learn new skills, but also have fun to learn new skills.
  2. Be encouraging: this allows students to help build trust and reduce doubts and failures. This is important because as the teacher, you must trust your students. When she encourages her student and says that she has done a good job of meeting a certain skill, that motivates the child and helps develop confidence and self-esteem. The opposite criticizes a student. By doing this, you are destroying the student’s confidence. If you tell a child that he or she has done an awful job performing a skill or using school PE equipment, it will not only destroy the self-esteem of the students but also reduce their desire to participate in your gym class. This should not be the goal of any physical education teacher.
  3. Be passionate about teaching: it is important to be passionate about what you teach. If you are not passionate and dedicate all your time, students will think about it. It is important that your students see their passion for physical education and, in return, they can also become passionate and want to live an active and healthy life.
  4. Stay organized: Being organized is an important and a good skill for a teacher. If you are just going to teach a lesson about the volleyball team, it is important to have an organized presentation, a physical activity and at least three adjustment activities designed and planned in advance so that the class works smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Keep the focus on safety: the safety of your students is one of the most important things, if not the most important. A good education teacher should always focus on injury control. You want your students to have fun, but you also want them to have fun in a safe and orderly environment. It is important that you establish safety guidelines for your students and consider the consequences if they do not follow these rules when using school PE equipment.

Materials used for Solar Battery Production

Solar Power

The solar power battery answers various requirements. With solar power quickly transforming into the flood without bounds, heaps of individuals might want to attempt a green yet naturally safe power source. While everyone knows precisely what solar boards are and also their work, few individuals know exceptionally well what extra gadgets are required to finish a solar batteries framework plan. The solar power battery is utilized to have the capacity to store the vitality assembled from sunbeams for some time later.

This is critical, as the sun does not sparkle round the clock and in addition, desolate climate conditions may badly affect exactly how much vitality is prepared inside a given time. Solar energy battery chargers are promptly accessible for every size and also types of the batteries. Solar power battery reinforcements are broadly used much of the time in houses, letting individuals keep refreshed towards the outside world through calamities or routine power outages.

Solar power battery banks, an arrangement of batteries which are wired together inside a solar board framework, created to keep the electrical power produced using the sun’s beams if there is positively no sun, are crucial when you require a solar power framework that really works effectively and affordable.

Solar batteries are made of strong, light-weight materials which have a negligible warmth transmittance. These fenced-in areas shield the batteries from climate conditions, getting excessively hot, and furthermore theft. Solar Batteries are the best approach to keep solar power and use it if the sun isn’t sparkling. For example, at night, on bleak occasions or possibly on stormy occasions. Solar Battery functions admirably with different other solar contraptions. Compact solar chargers could control the majority of your current favoured units, wherever, whenever.

When it comes to batteries, there is no need worry, regardless of whether you’ll have the capacity to control your own framework in a foreign district or maybe while you’re out of town in the USA. Convenient solar battery chargers are really a critical favourable position to courageous sort of individuals. Never again would they need to pack in a substantial sum additional battery at whatever point arranging outside.

A solar cell battery could be destructive, similar to an auto battery, and should be overseen precisely. As per contemplates, there is an enormous number of the genuine wounds every year concerning extensive batteries. Lead-corrosive batteries contained a weakened sulphuric corrosive electrolyte which is dangerous both in fluid and gas form. Put on defensive eyewear at whatever point utilizing it and attempt to manage it precisely.

Solar chargers are not just about helping individuals charge their batteries, anyway it is moreover about supporting the declining earth. By utilizing your solar charger, you diminish the hint of carbon at your habitation in a scope of strategies. Solar chargers are the best solution for the convenient solar power requests for the reason that they have diverse power extends to suit each and every need. Solar battery chargers are a fabulous expansion for your debacle status bundle.