How To Help Your Child With Sorting And Counting Before School Age

Number Toys

As children learn and grow, one of the most important skills they can ever acquire is that of numeracy and their ability to count. While there are many different abilities that will help them in their schooling, the process of being able to count and add up in their head is one that will impact nearly every area of their life.

Whether it comes to the use of money, measurements for cooking or just being able to engage with a range of different games and activities, you need to know your numbers with ease. For many children, it can seem that in the modern day it is less important to be good with numbers, given the access to calculators on our phones and computers to do our sums for us, but it is still of great benefit to have this skill for yourself.

With this in mind, there are various different number toys and activities you can employ to help your child with counting. Some of the toys and games that can help a child with their number skills include:

– An Abacus: This is a classic, but still effective. Many companies are now offering stylish abacus options, with different brightly coloured counters for each row, helping children to learn their numbers and colours in an exciting way. You could have an abacus on the child’s shelf as they learn the world around them, and then see it become a key counting tool as they increase in their capability to learn and play.

– Dominoes: Learning to play with numbers through games that involve dominoes and/or dice is a fantastic way for children to learn numbers. The fact that the number recognition and skill is involved directly with your ability to function in the game is a sure way to ensure that these are highly effective number toys.

– Shopping Games: Bringing a sense of learning and play into familiar family activities is an excellent way to help children connect an enjoyment for sorting and counting with their lives. How about bringing counting games into the unpacking of the family’s weekly shop?

How many eggs have we got? One, two, three, four, five, SIX!

How many apples are in the bag? One, two, three, four, FIVE!

Do we have more eggs or more apples? EGGS!

These types of games draw a child into connecting numeracy with their world and help the lessons to last.

We hope that these ideas have been helpful in giving you some options to bring sorting and counting skills into your child’s life. For more activities, have a think about other tasks around the house that have a number component to them and use them to help your child gain number skills and be more prepared for school and life.