Pet Toys

Playtime is not only meant for human but also for our furry buddies. In fact, playtime for pets is a necessity for their proper behavioural development. As per doctors at Virginia Beach veterinary hospital playtime allows our pets to channel their energy-level, alleviate temptation to bit on things, and fight stress. Given the many benefits of an excellent playful time, it is essential to invest a little time and money on their toys.

Contrary to what most pet owners believe, playtime isn’t just for pooches. Cats too enjoy leaping, crawling, or running to develop their natural predatory instincts. Spending play time with your pet not only helps them develop physically and mentally, but it also helps in forming a strong, friendly bond with you. Since pets often like going rough with their toys and tiring them into bits, one should be careful while selecting the toys for their pets. It is very important to pay close attention when choosing their toys. If you suspect your pet has chocked on his toy or ingested it, waste no time in rushing him to the pet hospital Virginia Beach.

Finding the right toy for your pet :
When choosing a toy for your fur babies, keep in mind the size of the toy. Too big toys can be a trouble for your pets to hold in their mouth and paws while small toys have choking hazards. Besides the size, keep into consideration the material and built of the toy. If your pet likes cuddling or grooming his toys, consider some soft stuffed toys. Most pets like going rough with their toys. For such pets, buy toys made of durable materials that can stand their brutal bolts for longer. Also, it is always beneficial to have multiple toys as it will keep them entertained for long.

Do not overlook the safety of your pet :
When selecting the toys for your pet, it is always important to keep their safety in mind. The best way to ensure that your pets enjoy a safe playtime is by monitoring their every move. As mentioned above, it is no surprise that pets like ripping their toys apart. It is all ok until they don’t choke on small bits created when destroying the toys. Whenever you see a toy ripped beyond use, discard it immediately and replace it with a new one.

Cats love to play with stringed toys or even like turning curtains into one. When playing with your feline friend, make sure that they do not get tangled into the string. Cats are instinctually curious; thus it is essential to cat proof the house and secure all small things like paper clips, pins, and plastic bottles.

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