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Our health is the first thing that we have to protect. Our life and future depend on how we maintain our health so we must be careful at all the things that are happening with our body.

At the first question mark about a change that we are feeling we must go to the doctor and ask for a checkup. And this is one of the most important rules promoted by all the medical books and prevention programs that are trying to make people more responsible for their health. According to well-known doctors from all over the world, the most difficult and hard diseases could be prevented to become untreatable if people would be more careful and they would go to the hospital or medical clinics to ask for medical tests and advice on the best hearing aids UK options if needed.

Alport Syndrome is a genetic rare kidney disease who can become fatal for the patients. If the Syndrome is discovered too late, when the damages on the patient health are too big to be reversed with treatment, it can cause kidney failure and unfortunately death. The Alport Syndrome can’t be cured. Although there are some tests and research in progress, the doctors didn’t find until now a cure for this disease. But the medicine it’s a powerful thing so now the patient who was diagnosticated with Alport Syndrome can live without concern with the disease if they follow the doctor’s indications and treatment. But to be able to live with the disease and have a decent life, the disease must be found on time.

And for obtaining this chance, the only thing that people must do is go to the doctor when they are feeling sick and not forget about the annual checkups. Why a hearing test could help reveal Alport Syndrome? Because it’s the most obvious symptom of the disease, that’s the answer. More exactly, paradoxical, the symptoms of the Alport Syndrome are the opposite of disease. Meaning that they are so at hand that only if you don’t want to see that something is wrong with you, you’ll do nothing to investigate the problem.

This disease it’s characterized by the lack of the protein IV collagen who is one of the most important parts of the engine of the kidneys, ears, and eyes. So being a genetic disease the protein is missing from birth and in time begins to affect the hearing of the patients. That’s one of the main reasons for which doctors recommend for children to have hearing tests at least once a year. If the tests are showing some abnormalities that are related to the Alport Syndrome then the specialist asks for more specific investigations and of course, the doctor is beginning to also focus on the kidneys.

And in this case, the next step that the doctors will do is a kidney or skin biopsy. And at the same time they will start a series of genetic tests meant to show if the patient is affected with the Alport Syndrome.

In the most frequent causes, the disease is discovered on time and the treatment is working for the patient. But, there are cases when people are arriving in the doctor’s cabinet too late and he’s in a too late stage of the Alport Syndrome when his kidneys are too affected to endure an easy treatment. For these serious situations, doctors try to find solutions but the fight with the disease it’s a lot more difficult to handle.

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